On the King’s Highway

The King had long understood how to fix his economy, he prints his own money, we appreciate the stimulus, cyberoptic road people, wasted on the run, fancy the smooth pavement of course.
They arrested him for that kind of flowserve, even the King is not supposed to act as a supranatural.

We have some top soil available in our pet resort, you can wear all your flirty aprons, become comfortably numb, the maverik days are over, your highness, there’s decent food and prescription drugs, jewelry and guns. Times are hard on the freedom boulevard, stay firmly on your path and dare to be a mad customer for two hours a day.

We have combo atm’s inside, they won’t eat your identity, we fixed your credit, the machine serves buns & brews till late, welcome to downtown Provo, we have a university you can drop out from, and why not?
That would seem more boulderesk, an approved house for men, tradition spirit honor, a championship women’s show and the best snow on earth.
We don’t make circles in the sky, got you too high, but you can bring your own, go chasing hogi yogis, nothing like a specialized gun show at that rock church.

What do you do for fun? Look both ways, run the balance machine, join us if you need forgiveness, there’s no right or wrong in the use of kiosks, this is a guru’s free wifi, a nice price for another carload of chaste mountain girls, in fact they have a california license, they know how to flirt with chaos’ chaos.

I thought you were extremely clever, but it turns out there’s a formula to it, your edibles are on a hard drive now, you’re handy with the shovel, digging for truth and delusion. But this is not Colorado any longer, you’re protected by the Utah bill posting company & creamery, sunshine saints and trickster bros.

Talk about leaving town, we like our streets wide, poor little provo student, here’s your pass of all passes, we have no use for them one way open firestarters, there are no chartered roads across the seven peaks, don’t let yourself be tainted by all those sharply pointed spires, this is not judgement day, follow temple to the famdamily reunion, switch to the stoned autopilot.

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